2024-2025 CALENDAR OPENING JUNE 3, 2024 @ 9am

Please READ the FAQs as there is new information regarding FEES.



  • ALL permits must be booked 10 days in advance.
  • Only the areas booked on the permit will be accessible to groups.
  • Special requests, such as bleachers, tables, chairs, etc., must be requested on the permit and are subject to approval by the principal.
  • A phone number, that is answered on weeknights and weekends MUST be on the permit.
  • The person responsible for the group MUST have a copy, digital or paper, of their permit.
  • The person responsible for the group IS RESPONSIBLE for the group and must ensure they do not access other areas of the school.
  • NO FOOD or DRINKS are allowed in our gymnasiums.
  • Only book times and the facilities you need.
    • CANCEL when you won’t be using the facilities.  If not, your group will be charged the custodial fee as per the permit.
    • Weekend cancellations must be received by Wednesday morning at 10AM of the same week.
    • When a group does not use a reserved facility two weeks in a row and they do not cancel, ASDS reserves the right to cancel the remainder of that permit.
    • One group will not be able to book multiple schools on multiple nights, “just in case they need them”. PLEASE know your schedule and book accordingly.  If groups over book, their permits will be adjusted at time of approval.
    • We DO NOT adjust schedules.
    • For safety reasons, once your group has entered the building, the door(s) will be locked. If you expect others to be arriving after the doors are locked, then you must assign someone to be responsible to monitor the door to allow people in – DO NOT PROP OPEN THE DOORS.
  • Payments are made at the end of each month. You must have a valid card on file.
  • Any bookings on Saturday and Sunday that go past 5:30pm, require a second custodian. (Please respect our staff's time)
  • There is an after-hours phone number on all permits that will be answered on the weekends. If you have any questions or concerns, then please use that number.

Please remember to be respectful of our staff, buildings, and other community groups.

To rent a school facility, you must register on this website.  


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