Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What will I be charged for custodial fees?

For every extra 2 classrooms or equivalent used, there will be an additional 1 hour of custodial time added to your invoice.

Q2: Do I need my permit with me when I am at the school?

YES.  The person who is responsible for the group must have a copy of their permit with them.  This can be paper or digital.

Q3: How long before my event should I request a permit?

All applications must be submitted a minimum of ten (10) working days prior to the requested date(s).

Q4: Can I request a room that is not listed?

Typically, the areas of the school(s) that are available for community use are listed on the permit request.  If you wish to use another area of the building, please contact the Comunity Use of Schools Coordinator.

Q5: Can I change my Permit's schedule

NO.  You can request to have it cancelled and you can resubmit your permit.  This must follow the 10 days in advance rule.

Q6: What if we don't show up and we don't cancel ahead of time?

If a custodian has been hired specifically for your rental and they go to work then you will be charged for their time.

Q7: What if we need to cancel the day of our rental, due to weather/road conditions?

Call the after-hours number on your permit, as early as possible, to have the custodian cancelled due to weather conditions and you will not be charged.

Q8: How much notice is required to cancel weekend rentals?

We request notification no later than 10AM on Wednesday of that week.

Q9: What if we are running late and don't expect to be finished on time?

Please talk to your custodian and let them know you're running late.  Ask if they are available to stay longer.  You will be charged for the extra time.  Also, remember that your custodian may have other obligations and they cannot leave you alone in the building.

Q10: How do I pay for my rental?

You must have a valid credit card on file.  We will charge that card at the end of each month that you have a rental.

Q11: We have multiple games going on with people/teams arriving at different times during the day. Can we just keep the doors unlocked?

NO.  For safety reasons, once you have arrived, the doors will be locked.  If you expect people to be arriving throughout your scheduled time in the building, then please assign someone (such as a parent volunteer) to monitor the door.

Q12: The children on my team attend the school we are using. Are they allowed to access their classroom, locker, or other parts of the building?

NO.  Everyone with your group must remain in the area(s) of the school you have permission to use.

Q13: If the fire alarm goes off, do we have to evacuate the building?

YES.  Even if you know it was set off accidentally you MUST exit the building right away.